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Friday, August 23, 2019

Cover Story

Electrol Jigsaw

KS Narayanan

India is all set to witness the mother of all political battles when General Elections are held in 2014 for the 16th Lok Sabha. The political atmosphere is already charged up after the BJP

NOTA will not mean much

KS Narayanan

Political astrology is a dicey business. Also, so far as elections are concerned a somewhat clear and predictable scenario emerges


Special Report

Saving wetlands

Anil Pandey

These lines immortalized by India’s best known ornithologist, late Salim Ali, could apply to Noida today like a glove. For UP politicians hell bent on graft, the sanctity of the Okhla bird sanctuary is not paramount.

Special Story

Kejriwal factor

Anil Pandey

On a bustling Monday afternoon in the heart of New Delhi’s Connaught Place, an unusually long queue of visitors throng a little house waiting to get in. At first sight the house on Hanuman Road


The Fitness Dive and the Ten Wharfs - IV

Prashanto Banerji

In a forgettable film named Enough but in a memorable role as the furiously fisty, super toned mom-on-the-run, Slim, Jennifer Lopez,



Are you a 'Value brand'?

Manish Pandey

Would you say that a 'value brand' is one that offers the most benefit for the cost? It sounds reasonable, right? Ever since the world’s largest chain




Monojit Lahiri

The most popular, spectacular, dazzling and starry show on earth, grabbing eyeballs of every movie fan and overtly



Is Affordable housing a sham?

Sray Agarwal

Unlike the old days, the realty sector sector today has metamorphosed into a completely new avatar. Developers are moving away from swanky



A rich and varied fare

Saibal Chatterjee

The 15th edition of the Mumbai Film Festival (October 17 to 24), which serves each year as a showcase


Rear Window

Now Look West


"The [Persian] Gulf region, like South Asia, is a part of the natural economic hinterland. We want to pursue close economic relations with all our neighbours in our wider West Asia


Far Pavilion

Make or Break Moment

Gholamali Khoshroo

The nuclear program of Iran has turned into a national and multi-partisan issue, just in the same way that the religious prohibition on the manufacture and stockpile of nuclear weapons


Drop Anchor

Make this mandatory!


The coordinated cacophony of drums, cymbals, conches, people shouting praises of the deity in unison, engulfing laughter, and a general sentiment of joy seeps in faster


Book Review

The Men Who Shaped World Cinema

Saibal Chatterjee

If you admire Alexander Sokurov the most among contemporary Russian filmmakers, you’d find a hole in this book


Recollections of the Se la Bomdila Debacle 1962

Mayank Singh

Indians would have never discussed anything as much as its war with China in 1962 yet it has not lost its interest. It will not be wrong to say that no aspect remains to be written.


The New Middle East

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Arabs are enigmatic people. Even after years of living and working among them, it is not easy to predict their actions. That makes them a boon for journalists.


Movie Review

R_Raj Kumar

Monojit Lahiri

Romance Film, Adventure Film ,Action Film



Ishan Raychaudhuri

Sandra Bullock makes this film shine like a shooting star and that is saying something for this is one wondrous wallop of a film



Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017