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Friday, August 23, 2019

Cover Story

Diluting Terror

Ranjit Bhushan

Is India's war on terror getting blunted because the consensus on how to fight and contain it, is getting diluted at the altar of petty politicking – or worse?


Special Report

Kashmir's culture police

Haroon Reshi

Kashmir, frequently in the news due to wrong reasons, has this year added another forgettable chapter to its long list of litanies: cultural intolerance, particularly those related to music.

Special Story

Willing pawns

Arnold Christie

Suddenly the chickens are coming to roost in Gujarat. D G Vanzara, a suspended IPS officer from the Gujarat Police and one-time favourite of chief minister Narendra Modi, threw everyone into a tizzy.

Headed for oblivion

NK Suprabha

For the family-owned JD(S) in Karnataka, there seems little option but oblivion at the moment.


Look Before You Leash II

Prashanto Banerji, Features Editor, The Sunday Indian

This one was mahogany red and while I was friends with all the dogs in the area, both pet and stray, this one just wouldn’t want to say hi.



Have you 'written' on a brand lately?

Manish Pandey

Going by the latest projections of Indian Paper Manufacturers Association, demand for paper in India is going to almost double by 2020



Now, a Rs 6 crore item song! Criminal waste or re-defining screen(s) excitement?

Monojit Lahiri

First things first. Just as we live in many Indias, our movies too reside in many spaces, each a planet away from the other.



Beware of the genie in the bottle!

Amir Hossain

Various studies have revealed that almost 10 per cent samples of bottled water failed the quality test in 2010-11 and 2011-12 pan India.


Tax officials come calling

Sray Agarwal

Bollywood and the Income Tax Department have always shared an uneasy and fraught relationship.


Can Rajan ride to the rescue?

Amir Hossain

Before taking over the reins of India's apex bank, Rajan served as the Chief Economic Adviser to India's Ministry of Finance.



A festival of many facets

Saibal Chatterjee

The 38th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) delivered all that it was expected to, and much more, offering something of significance for virtually every kind of cinematic appetite that there is in this world.


Rear Window

But where is the India card?

Firoz Bakht Ahmed is an eminent educationist and social worker

One can only lament that nearly seven decades after Independence, there are people playing the Hindu and Muslim cards.


Far Pavilion

The Man and His Moment of glory

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

Early this week, Secretary of State John Kerry did a press conference in London, which arguably will go down as probably the most gaffe-filled press conference ever


Book Review

Book Review: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Arkesh Ajay

Neil Gaiman is an exceptional writer. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is an illustration of this.


Book Review: 50 Writers, 50 Books

Saurabh Kumar Shahi

The journey towards more meaningful, intellectually fulfilling, number games such as list of great songs, books etc was slow.


Movie Review

Movie Review: Riddick

Ishan Raychaudhuri

The third installment of Riddick goes back to what we had seen Riddick doing best in the first movie.



Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017