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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cover Story

Life Beyond Cricket

Saibal Chatterjee

A day ahead of India’s 67th Independence Day, the sport of badminton will enter an exciting new phase in this country.


Special Report

Swindle land

KS Narayanan

India since UPA II came to power in May 2009 is now widely acknowledged as a nation of scams.

Special Story

Will Noida become another Kedarnath?

Anil Pandey

The suspension of IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal is not merely a question of illegal mining or a story of gross criminal illegality and intimidation.


Larger Than The Legend

Prashanto Banerji, Features Editor, The Sunday Indian

During my early years in school, Superman and Batman and DC’s Justice League America were the heroes that flew around the mindscape.



Can Marissa Mayer change Yahoo!'s fortunes?

Deepanshu Taumar

It was the third Monday of June last year. For Marissa Mayer – a 13-year-old veteran at Google – it was a typical day at office.



Celebrity Adoptions- Humanitarian Move...Or Guilt Ridden FAD

Monojit Lahiri

Billionaires with bleeding hearts, in a frantic quest to score big on God’s known brownie points?



Mali needs to walk a mile

Amir Hossain


Unsavoury side up

Sayan Ghosh

Analysts believe that poverty, illiteracy and weak democratic structures are the reasons for the growth of this malaise.


US's latest battleground

Amir Hossain

US President Barack Obama's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq in 2011 and his readiness to do the same in Afghanistan by 2014 have been welcomed by American by and large.



"I think our feudal mindset in Bihar translated very well in the modern age into bureaucracy"


We can't help. Biharis want to become IAS officers. Who wants to be a writer here? So, we have not been feeding those ideas. Look at the books coming out of Bihar.


What a life!

Dhrutikam Mohanty

He is a man with a difference. Living in a village that has no modern amenities, he tries to grasp the whole state within his fist.


Rear Window

Mind Games

BKL Kuthiala, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism, Bhopal

A recent television commercial apparently meant to popularize Chinese noodles, in fact, establishes the superiority of products made in China.


Far Pavilion

Back to Square None

Ramzy Baroud

The political peddlers, think-tank experts, and media professionals are all back in full force.


Book Review

Book Review: The Uninvited

Arkesh Ajay

An apocalyptic world and human relationships in it have always fascinated many a writer.


Movie Review

Movie Review: Issaq

Monojit Lahiri

Love is indeed a many-splendored thing and no one knew it better than Shri Shakespeare!


Movie Review: The Wolverine

Ishan Raychaudhuri

Finally we have the wolf man with the Adamantium claws in all his glory. For those of us who are huge, almost manic fans of Wolverine, this standalone version will delight you to the fullest.



Issue Dated: Feb 5, 2017