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Friday, August 23, 2019

Securing the Sochi Olympics

February 7, 2014 16:14

In 2007, when Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Guatemala City to support his country’s bid to host this year’s Winter Olympics in....

Japan's New Dawn

January 31, 2014 12:55

For years, pundits called Japan the land of the setting sun. They said that for an economy as mature as Japan....

The enigma of defence

January 24, 2014 13:55

While Europe’s citizens largely support the establishment of a common security and defense policy, most European leaders have demonstrated.....

The Ingenious General

January 17, 2014 13:42

Had Ariel Sharon never entered politics, he would still be known around the world as a military commander and tactician. In both roles, he was extraordinary, because his methods....

Advanced Malaise

January 10, 2014 15:29

NEW YORK – Economics is often called the dismal science, and for the last half-decade it has come by its reputation honestly in the advanced economies. Unfortunately, the year ahead will bring little....

William H. Overholt : China's Xi Factor

December 27, 2013 12:15

HONG KONG – Before China’s leadership transition earlier this year, experts said that the Chinese Communist Party was intent on preventing a larger-than-life personality from assuming power. The CCP, it was argued, wanted someone more like ....

Putin the Peronist

December 20, 2013 12:27

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin has been compared to many strongmen of the past - Joseph Stalin

Thailand's Democratic Disorder

December 13, 2013 12:58

BANGKOK – From Thailand to Turkey to Ukraine, the relationship between ruling majorities and electoral minorities has become combustible – and is threatening to erode the legitimacy of democracy

Composite dialogue is a trap

September 5, 2013 16:18

What "progress" will we offer on Kashmir to satisfy Pakistan? Will we withdraw from Siachen if Pakistan controls jihad against us?

Unhealthy precedent

August 30, 2013 15:05

The IB does not have a mandate to investigate offences. It is not governed by the rules of evidence as prescribed by the Indian Evidence Act

Detecting Plagiarised Content

July 25, 2013 13:26

Eminent scientist and prime minister's scientific adviser CNR Rao and three other Bangalore-based researchers are embroiled in an unsavory ‘plagiarism’ row.

Africa's Subprime Borrowers

July 1, 2013 13:52

NEW YORK – In recent years, a growing number of African governments have issued Eurobonds, diversifying away from traditional sources of finance such as concessional debt and foreign direct investment.

Is Gavaskar Fixated or Fixed? And Can He Fix It?

May 30, 2013 17:07

Inundated by angry media reports about the "conspiracy of silence” revolving the sordid IPL scam, I was already losing faith in the divine powers of Gavaskar.

A reporter's diary

September 28, 2012 15:28

In fact, Janata Party had fought the post-Emergency elections on the slogan of restoring democracy. Indira Gandhi was a symbol of dictatorship and her son Sanjay Gandhi had become an eyesore for the people of India.

Egypt on Jordan's Mind

July 13, 2012 18:18

The behaviour of Jordan's Royal Court in the days following the official announcement of the victory of Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi in Egypt's presidential election tells an intriguing story. At first, Jordan's King Abdullah II hesitated to sign a long-sought-after election law.


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