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Thursday, October 6, 2022

For Who, This Lion's share..?

October 5, 2016 06:11

Picture this… You are Hiren Bhai or his wife Hira, and you live 20 kilometres away from the outskirts of the protected forests ....

To Be… Oh What To Be..?

July 5, 2016 20:34

London: 1952: As the lights hit the stage, a bronze statue of epic proportions, comes alive. No, not very big, but it’s magnificent.......

A trial for the Trial

June 5, 2016 21:14

Why should a legend in the making… Wait… legend in the making?? This man IS a legend .....

The Hobbled Hobo

January 10, 2014 14:29

Wasn’t long into the afternoon when we first saw him… We were a little lost and needed to stop and ask for directions, but that hot summer afternoon, on that usually....

I want a bully in my backyard

December 20, 2013 12:08

Finally, a genius and I have something in common. We made the same stupid (since we’re talking about a certified genius –no, not me, duh....


December 13, 2013 12:53

Ubuntu – we are because you are; I am because you are… and a lot of what is, or could be, good in us, is because of

The Gambhir Conundrum

December 6, 2013 11:55

Impressed?!! Well, you better be… A week ago, in this very space, I had suggested that out of favour opener, Gautam Gambhir had to make the team if India

In the wake of giants...

November 29, 2013 14:58

Question: How does the forest look when the Washington tree falls? Incidentally, the Washington tree,

Will This dog Have it's Day?

November 22, 2013 17:20

Where do you reckon I might have last caught sight of a magnificent but rare animal teetering on the brink of extinction? Would it have been the deserts of the Thar or the rain soaked cloud forests in the east?

Of Cats, gods and tides...

November 15, 2013 16:33

Anybody remembers Bizarro from Htrae, the square peg in the round planetary hole in that 'space' called DC comics, where everything that happens is opposite of how it might happen on earth

Of lambs and lions

November 9, 2013 13:10

Cricket commentary on television has evolved into a fine art that is as entertaining as it is informative.

The Fitness Dive And The Final Wharf

November 1, 2013 14:53

It had been a long cold day. The queues to the Great Wall, the emasculative scale and grandeur of Tiananmen Square and the biting cold and oppressive grayness of a winter smog in Beijing had taken its toll on my ‘first day in the city’ enthusiasm. All I wanted to do was curl up with a book, a blanket and a large mug of hot chocolate when the bus took me past a large square building shining bright red behind a grid of lights.

The Fitness Dive and the Ten Wharfs - V

October 25, 2013 10:48

There’s this strange thing about climaxes. The journey might be unknown but the destination is known. After all the climax is the reason why you got started in the first place. Through every curve on every winding road to wherever you want to go, you expect it. Through every shock and surprise and exclamation of delight or horror, the only guarantee is the climax, or at least you sure hope so. The nature of the journey, the lessons and experiences, tactile, intellectual and spiritual, prepare us ...

The Fitness Dive and the Ten Wharfs - IV

October 18, 2013 15:57

In a forgettable film named Enough but in a memorable role as the furiously fisty, super toned mom-on-the-run, Slim, Jennifer Lopez,

The Fitness Dive and the Ten Wharfs - III

October 11, 2013 18:00

What makes ordinary people like you and me into superhuman soldiers aka the US Navy SEALS who save the world in a week’s work? What built a delinquent young kid


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