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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Ted Grant: The Permanent Revolutionary

April 2, 2014 19:03

Ted Grant had certainly made a significant impact on British politics as the founder and theoretical inspirer of the Militant Tendency. The success of Militant had turned us into a household name.

Sachin Tendulkar

March 22, 2014 13:56

So, here we go again! Singing paeans to the one and only Sachin Tendulkar has been a national pastime long enough for the unconverted not to be unduly perturbed. After all, in a country starved of genuine heroes, he was a godsend during his days.

Rogue Elephant

March 15, 2014 17:53

Foreign correspondents in India are increasingly turning authors and spelling out their takes on the country. BBC's Sam Miller authored A Strange Kind of Paradise, and ex-Financial Times journalist John Elliott wrote Implosion: India’s Tryst With Reality.

Starting At Zero

March 7, 2014 15:43

While convention and prevailing superstition demands that one must not compare one’s age with somebody who has given up his ghost, I couldn’t help but ponder what had I achieved when I was 27.

The Letters of John F. Kennedy

February 28, 2014 18:08

There is scarcely a world leader whose life and times have been under such a global scanner than the assassinated US President, John F Kennedy. With the exception of, most probably, Adolf Hitler. A colourful man in every sense, JFK has evoked extreme feelings among the Americans. However, he was probably the only one among his peers who commanded some sort of respect in the opposition base as well. And that speaks a lot.

The First Muslim

February 22, 2014 13:18

When Lesley Hazleton, an agnostic Jewish female and a journalist, decided to write down the biography of Prophet Muhammad, it did raise certain eyebrows....

40 Retakes

February 14, 2014 16:16

Selecting only 40 Hindi films that are lost in the mist of time could not have been a cakewalk. But reading 40 Retakes – Bollywood Classics You May Have Missed – is a breeze. The list may be debatable but the intention of the exercise certainly isn’t.

Jeeves And The Wedding Bells

February 7, 2014 14:08

PG Wodehouse's Jeeves and Bertie Wooster are probably the most celebrated characters of 20th century English literature. In the six decades that they jointly entertained generations of readers, they did not show any sign of ageing.


January 31, 2014 13:51

Amongst the many things, Flora is, it is most pronouncedly an account of how your childhood changes shape when you are in it, and when you look back at it years later as an adult.

James Bond Novel

January 24, 2014 13:57

Accra-born novelist and screenwriter William Boyd knew James Bond inside out. But when commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate to write a new thriller

Alex Ferguson : My Autobiography

January 17, 2014 13:12

At the very beginning of this review, I need to give a disclosure. I am a member of Liverpool FC Fan Club for close to a decade now. A paid member at that. And thus, to review....

Punjab: A History from Aurangzeb to Mountbatten

January 17, 2014 13:08

In the year 2005, while Rajmohan Gandhi was in Pakistan interviewing people for his encyclopedic effort to chronicle Punjab and it’s long history, he received a message from a woman who insisted...

Barons of Banking

January 10, 2014 12:40

Since currency became medium of exchange for delivery of goods and services, banks have played a crucial role in shaping the life of individuals, communities, institutions, nations and their economies for a long time now.

Business Czarinas

December 27, 2013 12:07

The economic reforms that kicked off in 1991 not only ended the licence permit raj but also gave boost to private enterprise and entrepreneurs to bloom.

Water : A Source For Future Conflicts

December 27, 2013 12:04

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) made water an important part of its Delhi poll manifesto and kept asserting that if it came to power it would 700 litres free water to the people.


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