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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Indian Railways needs E Sreedharan

17 Mar 2012, 19:22

The compulsion of coalition politics has shown its ugly face with the imminent removal of Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi on the 'diktat' of West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee. Trivedi's only fault was that he increased passenger fares across the board to collect enough funds to ensure safety, security and amenities for passengers. Passengers are not ruing increased fares but about the facilities they receive.

'When a person is dead, his heir gets what he owned'

24 Dec 2011, 16:36

"An heir should get only what the propositus had. Or when a person is dead, his heir gets what he owned.” This was the crux of the argument made by eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani on the proposed Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Second Bill, 2010.

When will 'bindiya' shine on widows' foreheads?

23 Jun 2011, 21:29

The UN has declared June 23, 2011 as the first International Widows’ Day. According to statistics, there are over 245 million widows in the world. In India alone, there are some 34 million and they account for 9 per cent of India's total female population. About 40 per cent of these widows are less than 50 years of age.