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Monday, August 3, 2020

Why he will be even more dangerous for India in 2013

12 Aug 2013, 13:16

The author wrote this in December, 2012. Sadly, for India, ALL his forecasts are coming true, particularly Dr Manmohan Singh's obsession over peace with Pakistan

Of Kingmakers and Emperors Without...

5 Jun 2013, 14:01

"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me....". There is many a Congress leader who could be playing this teen fantasy game while thinking about Nitish Kumar.

The China Threat or Bogey?

23 Apr 2013, 16:03

Every now and then, there are reports in the media that China is yet again acting belligerently and trying to threaten or belittle India.

Shameless Secularists

15 Feb 2013, 16:15

Admitted I am a right of center guy when it comes to economic and social policies and am in favour of individual rights over group or community rights. That makes me a de facto Khaki Chaddi.

Narendra Modi - Myth and only myth

9 Feb 2013, 13:42

So much has been written about the man that it is almost impossible to find something new to write about him. Even if he never becomes the Prime Minister, the man will go down in history books as a more potent PM candidate than the reality of Dr Manmohan Singh as PM.

Media at it again

24 Jan 2013, 10:56

I am no longer much surprised by what is projected by our so called Media which seems to have become even more Establishment than the worst of courtiers fawning over ancient emperors.

Secular Make Believe

18 Jan 2013, 21:02

My colleague- and hope my friend- has announced that he will no longer engage with bigots.

Our Secular Friends

9 Jan 2013, 21:50

When we saw the neck of Daniel Pearl being cut on a gory video, a lot of my secular friends said he was a CIA spy. I just couldn't understand why you had to so brutally kill a person even if he was a kafir.


3 Jan 2013, 16:19

My friend and colleague Saurabh will call me a rabid Hindu fundamentalist.

Why I Still Hope

29 Dec 2012, 15:46

My mood often reflects that of India, bordering on schizophrenia. It swings from utter and inexplicable despair to equally inexplicable exhilaration. It swings from the abyss of pessimism to heights of hope.

Deadly Disconnect

24 Dec 2012, 10:25

Delhi is seething and simmering with anger, rage and frustration. There are clear signs that the aam admi is just about fed up with the brazen arrogance of the ruling class.

See You Soon Chris

18 Dec 2012, 19:36

It was 2003 when he first jumped into my life. Actually, it was I who kept jumping even as he tried damn hard to snuggle up. We were paying a visit to Aditi, our Boss who had invited us for a cup of tea and a few glasses of booze to sort out some differences. Till then, the only canine experience I had was 7 injections during my childhood when someone canine had figured his teeth looked better clamped on my shins. Yes Chris, for me, the first sight of you was a reminder of those 7 injections.

Dev Anand of Cricket

26 Nov 2012, 18:47

Lets be upfront about the whole damn thing. Sachin Tendulkar, if you go by what Indian cricket fans are saying, actually sucks.

Gavaskar to Sehwag: Changing India

23 Nov 2012, 11:36

Even a moron will agree that the two belong to a select breed of batsmen and stars. Even habitual peddlers of conspiracy theories will agree that Sunil Gavaskar and Virendra Sehwag have been the two greatest opening batsmen that India has produced. Both have faced some of the best bowling attacks in the world and delivered classy centuries that have become part of folklore.


17 Nov 2012, 19:36

The worldwide web is already inundated with reports, anecdotes, genuine tributes, honest assessment, fake tributes, real tears and crocodile tears. Some secular TV news channels have anchors asking their reporters why there have been no incidents of stone throwing.