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BJP is not able to take chance of serveral issues open in the national and state level. BJP is not a party to support HINDUS any more. BJP is not raising the several issues against HINDUS by Congress. Congresss is trying to attract votes of Non HINDUS by providing reservations. Congress is the only party responsible for corruption, terrorism. Congress has been rulling India since its independence.BJP is not able to support HINDUS and going on the same way of Congress.


Vijay Singh
BJP should focus on the issues and take it up with people/village. there are many leaders in all part of country for BJP but they are just interested in just make a comments. BJP is aware that they cannot get vote of non HINDUS then why bjp is not working for HINDUS and their issues. there are lot of issues for HINDUS.. but BJP is not capable to resolve that issues. BJP is not able to get a single seat in KERALA and it just because of there is no capable leader in kerala. at the time of election, they just ask for votes. who will give votes when bjp cannot work for HINDUS.

There is no option for the UP habitants. Your party is fighting in their own. Your leaders are not doing their job. As our MP Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi did not do any thing for Varanasi. This time I will not vote for BJP