The Veena Malik Act

Veena Malik, the steamy Bigg Boss participant from Pakistan, did a disappearnance trick, only to be surfaced a couple of days later. The disappearance of the actress, who is under threat from Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) for posing nude, wearing only an ISI tattoo, set the roumour mills rolling. Wires said, she left Mumbai and landed in Pakistan. The 'missing' starlet was 'found' two days later in a Mumbai suburban hotel.

Poonam Pandey -Promises to Keep

When Dhoni hit the ball above the boundary line for a six in the ICC World Cup Finals at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, every one was looking for Poonam Pandey. But she had already left, without keeping her promise to strip if India won the finals. Later, she said that she couldn't live her promise just because the BCCI rules were too prohibitive for her to strip. However, the Kingfisher Calendar girl continued tweating razy pictures on her twitter, and keeps on promising that she's ready to bare, sometime later.

Sunny Leone - No Porn, please

Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Loene created quite a flutter when she entered the Bigg Boss house. All the hell broke out when complaints flooded the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC), a self regulatory body, which in turn bluntly asked Leone to behave when in Bigg Boss house! And strictly no porn on the show! Instantly, the internet saw a flurry of querries on her making her the most googled celebrity for weeks, beating Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Aiswarya Rai Bachchan.

Bips-John - Split and single

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu part ways after eight years together. The break up came as a shocker to the Bollywood fans and a volley of snide comments passed before everything settled down. The grapewine again buzzed with questions of who's dating whom. Then, they found out that John is getting engaged to a new girl friend as soon as April next.

Prabhu -Nayans - Mumbai wedding

The relationship between actor-director-choreographer Prabhu Deva and the top South Indian diva Nayanthara set the romour mill spinning. Prabhu Deva's recent divorce with his wife Ramlath paved the ground for the marriage. Now, the question is where would they prefer to tie the knot.

Rina Golan - Casting Couch

Casting couch is once again out of the closets of Bollywood as a lesser known model Rina Golan released her book, "Dear Mr Bollywood: How I Fell In Love With India, Bollywood And Shah Rukh Khan." In the book, the Israel based model alleged that filmmakers Subhash Ghai and Aneez Bazmee, renowned bhajan singer- producer Anoop Jalota and former physiotherapist of the Indian cricket team, Dr Ali Irani approached her for sexual favours in return for an entry in to Bollywood. "The book is about my journey in Bollywood and the casting couch has been the most important part of it," testifies Golan.

Minissha Lamba - Jet and lag

At Cannes, Manisha Lamba, the Bheja Fry 2 starlet, walked on the famed red carpet, flooded by camera flicks, full of pride and joy. Period. But on her way back, everything went wrong. She lost a bag at Nice airport and in Mumbai, she was detained at the airport for carrying undisclosed jewellery worth 500,000. She was grilled for a gruelling 16 hours. Her bad luck with airports didn't end there. Later, she was stopped at Dubai airport and was even faced deportation!

Rakhi Sawant - Yet another Swayamvar?

Sizzler Rakhi Sawant seems to be short of ideas to hit headlines these days. After reigning the juicy news pages for long, she is back in the line after Veena Malik and Sunny Leone. Yet, she managed to make herself heard with a timely cracker as she said she wanted to marry Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev.

Bipasha Basu -Shoe string troubles

Bipasha Basu tweeted in to trouble for posting a photo of two girls tying her shoelaces. Fans and child rights activists were quick to be on their feet in protest, some blaming her of bad taste while others accused her of child labour. Though Bipasha tried to explain that the girls in the photograph were her friend and cousin, there were not many takers for that.

Ranbir-Nargis - Kiss of the year

Emraan Hasmi, the celebrated seral kisser of Bollywood, seems to have losing grip on his title to Ranbir Kapoor. His passionate smooch with debutant heroine Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar set the internet on fire as soon as the photographs were leaked ahead of the release of the trailor. Quite predictably, the liplock and the wonderful chemistry between the two in the film was enough to set roumours go viral.
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